ZOUJIANGTAO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine – Mini

Price: $1,456.91
(as of Jul 04,2022 07:00:20 UTC – Details)

Product parameters

Rated voltage: AC220-240V

Rated power: 200W

Gear adjustment: 1~99 files

Product size: 76*42*14CM

Product weight: 10kg

Maximum load capacity: 260kg

Number of motors: single motor

Whether to play music: USB music

Exercise muscles: waist; abdomen; arms; legs; hips; comprehensive practice

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USB music interface, sports music, wireless remote control, happy to enjoy sports
Safe and silent: pure copper motor is stable and safe, low loss, long life and low noise, Can be used for thin arms, abdomen, legs, back, waist, buttocks, etc.
Pure physical slimming, three-dimensional vibration effectively reduce excess fat, all-round jitter and slimming, help to eliminate residual toxins in the body, enhance physical fitness
1-99 files are easy to adjust. You only need to adjust the distance between your feet to change the exercise intensity. You can enjoy the experience brought by different functions such as walking, jogging and running.
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