xingfeistarway Thigh Master Suzanne Somers,Inner Thigh

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  • The simple and effective Kegel pelvic floor trainer is an excellent home fitness for strengthening the muscles of arms, legs, triceps, thighs, hips .
  • It is especially suitable for Yoga lovers, newborn babies / flat HIPS / postpartum mothers / people who are worried about flat hips.
  • It is recommended to do 2-3 groups of exercise every day for 10 minutes each time.

【Shaping The Perfect Figure】This thigh master Suzanne summers can beautify legs, hips, back, slim arms, shape and slim body. She is also a good helper for women’s Yoga.
【Female Hip And Pelvic Floor Training】This female hip and pelvic floor muscle training device can improve the elasticity and lifting force of pelvic floor muscles and effectively protect the organs of pelvis and abdominal cavity. Persisting in daily exercise with it also helps to improve women’s vaginal contraction and men’s erection.
【Kegel Postpartum Rehabilitation Training】This multifunctional pelvic bottom Kegel trainer is an excellent home fitness trainer, which is very suitable for postpartum mothers for restorative training.
【More Intimate Design】Compared with the old stick shape, the upgraded strength training thigh and hip booster adopts an enlarged TPE soft rubber protection panel, which has a larger contact area with the body, won’t feel pain when using, has stronger stability, is anti-skid and not easy to fall off during exercise, and is strong and durable.
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