XBSLJ Vibration Trainers Vibration Plate Gym Machine,

Price: $2,070.99
(as of Aug 11,2022 05:50:02 UTC – Details)

Strengthening and toning muscle, reducing body fat and improving balance and posture by rapidly stimulating reflex, stabilising and core muscle throughout the body.
Track your time, speed and distance with the bright LED display, easy to operate.
Preset program simplifies exercise routines. High-efficiency fat burning, weight loss & shape.
Anti-slip rubber on top and stabilizing suction on bottom for safe workout.
10-minute vibration is equivalent to 1-hour jogging, 30-minute swimming, 200 sit-ups, 30-minute yoga, 1-hour riding, etc.
Try this vibration, enjoy your workout and keep fit.
You can run, jog or walk on the vibration is effective.

Material: ABS
Color: Gold
Usage: keeping fit/ losing weight
Power: 200W
Load capacity: 150kg
Length: 80cm

Package includes:
1x Vibration platform machine
1x Remote
Whole body relax & burn fat: This fitness vibration platform exercise machine is offering a new and effective exercise way to workout your whole body.
The ultra-quiet motor allows you to workout and build up your body shape while listening to the music at home without disturbing your family.
Multi-level adjustable, You may press button or remote control to choose your program preference.
Attached 4 suction pads on the bottom reduce impact on your flooring while also providing a secure, nonslip grip.
Variety exercise modes allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with sit-up, push-up, yoga.