XBSLJ Vibration Exercise Machine Weight Loss Fitness

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(as of Jul 31,2022 22:59:11 UTC – Details)

3D Motor Vibration Power Plate
Vibration power plates ultra slim designed

Vibration machines have become one of the most popular passive exercise equipment today. Within just a few weeks of daily whole-body vibration, a study of users achieved similar results as treadmill sessions.
It’s perfect for athletes and sports training, or anyone looking to accelerate weight loss and burn fat. Improve muscle strength, flexibility and circulation with the Vibrating Exercise & Fitness Platform.
Now, the real question is; does it really work? The answer is YES.

More Features
Buletooth speaker helps you enjoy your lover music list while doing exercise
LCD display
Programmes 99 levels with 10 + 1 built-in weight loss and conditioning
Quiet running:It can also be used when baby sleeps
Huge anti-slip surface for effective exercise you’ll enjoy!

Product name: Vibration Power Plate
Product size: 78*45*14CM
Shell material: high quality ABS
Whether music: passion music
Whether remote control: wireless remote control adjustment
Power cord length: 132CM
Screen material: color LCD display
With or without lighting effect: colorful marquee
Bottom shell support: non-slip suction cup feet

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1. Adjustable vibration speed (from 1 to 99) to meet different needs, the remote control easily controls the speed with a click of a button. it allows you to try different vibration exercises or combine vibration exercise with normal training, sit-ups, push-ups, yoga, etc.
2. ABS shell guarantees greater durability and stability; Ergonomic design with load capacity up to 150 kg; Non-slip coating designed to prevent slipping; The LED display shows the time, speed and burnt fat making your workout visible.
3. Whole body vibration: vibration machines have become one of the most popular passive exercise equipment today. This type of machine helps maintain reflex reactions by burning calories and fat, It increases the metabolism, burns body fat, improves blood circulation and accelerates weight loss.
4. Simply use the machine for 10 minutes every day, not only will it promote blood circulation, fat loss and increase coordination, but it will also help release back pain while decompressing the spine.
5. Quiet operation: equipped with 4 non-slip feet with vacuum suction and protective rubber surface to prevent it from slipping during training. Imagine being able to improve your health and build better shape while watching TV at home or in the office.