VT027 Vibration Plate Machine – Pivotal Oscillation (5

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This vibration machine is not a medical equipment. The health benefits suggested or implied in our websites and our other product literature are not certified or endorsed by any regulatory authority or medical institute. The use of VT027 vibration machine is entirely on user’s discretion. Please read all instructions before using this machine. We assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through using this product. This machine is not for children or pregnant women to use. If you have heart disease, implant, or motion sickness and other serious medical conditions, please seek expert advice whether vibration machine is a good fit to you. For users that lack of physical strength, please hold on to a stable chair for better balance while using the machine. Please do some warm-up exercise before using the machine. Don’t use the machine immediately after meal.New users please start with low frequency movement. You can gradually increase the frequency after you get used to the vibration and start to enjoy the benefits. Keeping your knees bent can reduce and adjust the amount of vibration transmitted to the upper body. Excessive exposure to intensive vibration can pose a health hazard. Please contact your physician if you experience sustained discomfort after using this machine.
Patented twin-coupler design allows a high-performance vibration plate built in an ultra-thin machine body (4.5” height), the shortest height in the market with comparable parameters, yet with a large platform (24.8”) and a high amplitude (10mm). All aluminum twin coupler device guarantees the durability and performance, superior to regular nylon coupler used in most other pivotal oscillation machines.
VT027 runs incredibly quiet even at the highest vibration intensity – the proof of high-quality precision parts and assemblies. Developed and manufactured based on 10 years of experience in mass-production of vibration plate machines. Built to last with sturdy structure and premium material. You will like its simple and elegant design, clean geometric fashion contour and smooth matte finish.
Vibration frequency can be conveniently adjusted from 5Hz to 14Hz in 20 speed levels, using either remote control or control panel. Three programmed plays designed to add dynamics to the movement pattern for different exercise purposes. Clear display of speed level and session time. Easy and intuitive, plug-and play, portable. In order to prevent the machine from jumping on the floor, keep your body on the machine when it is running (See the video).
A pair of detachable pushup bars and 4 pairs of mounting positions on the platform designed for upper body exercise. A pair of resistance bands is also included. Use VT027 to achieve more effective muscle hypertrophy with less workload, less repetition, and less risk of injury. It is usually a fun experience. However, please do adequate research and consult medical professionals about the use of this type of vibration for your situation.
[10 Year Warranty – 30 Day Free Return] No shipping charge, no any our-of-pocket expense for customer for any warranty service. Please keep the machine and packaging in good condition in case return is desired for any reason. Replacement parts available free of charge for 15 years. Exceptional customer service and lifetime support from a professional team that are passionate about vibration therapy and care about customers.