Vibration Plate Ultra Slim Fitness Platform for at Home

Price: $89.99
(as of May 19,2022 14:15:17 UTC – Details)

Do you always complain that the gym is too far away or the fitness card is too expensive?

Would you like to lose weight but don’t have time?

Just use this vibrating board for a few minutes of exercise every day for great results.

Advantages of the vibration plates for home:

Apparent Operating Speed ​​- The 20-step operating speed is more obvious than other 99-step or even 180-step vibration devices, and the vibration frequency is faster.

3 vibration zones – (corresponds to walking, jogging, running), you can choose the training intensity according to your needs.

With 2 fitness straps – The vibration trainer has two fitness straps with which you can train your upper body better.

4 Non-slip rubber feet – To avoid safety issues from machine shaking or translation.

Easy to control – During training, you can set the training mode directly or switch off the device via the remote control.

EASY TO PLACE – 12 cm ultra-thin body of vibrating plate allows you to easily place the vibrating massager under the sofa or bed without taking up your space.

Technical specifications:

AC current: 220-240V

Power: 200W

Vibration frequency: 6-10.5 Hz

Remote control distance: 2.5 m

Material: ABS, rubber, metal

Product weight: 12.8 kg (net weight)

Load capacity: 120 kg (max.)

Scope of delivery:

1 x vibration plate

2 x training bands

1 x remote control (no battery)

1 x instruction manual

💪 【20 Levels Better than 99 Levels】 Other vibration plat machines divide the total running speed into 99 levels, but the speed changes very slowly. Our vibration plate divides the total running speed into 20 levels, and the gear changes are more obvious. With this vibration platform, you can select the desired speed level more easily and quickly. 20 levels + 5 built-in automatic programs for more training experience and fun.
💪 【Multifunction Vibration Platform】 Using a body shaper can effectively reduce body fat and build muscle. With the constant vibration of the machine, the vibrating plate with ligaments can activate your muscle fibers and bring you more benefits: including weight loss, muscle building, increasing bone density, improving posture, reducing cellulite, blood circulation, and so on. Always stay healthy!
💪【10 Minutes a Day】 Just 10 minutes of exercise a day can get great results, it is very suitable for people who want to exercise but don’t have enough time. Using a vibration board for ten minutes is the equivalent of 200 sit-ups, 30 minutes of swimming exercises, and an hour of running, which can save a lot of time. At the same time, the entire body muscles can be trained with the vibration trainer in combination with yoga, squats, sit-ups, and other exercises.
💪【Quiet Motor, Long Service Life】 The fitness vibration plate is equipped with a powerful and quiet 200-watt direct-drive motor with a vibration frequency of 6-10.5 Hz. The vibrating massager is very quiet during operation, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your family or neighbors. The new and improved motor has a much longer life than other types and is safer to use.
💪【Large, non-slip training surface】 The vibration trainer with a huge step surface provides more training opportunities and training fun. Sitting down and relaxing or doing yoga is no problem at all. The rubber countertop is more secure so you won’t slip while exercising. There are four rubber feet on the bottom so that the device cannot move easily during exercise. Thanks to the strong metal and ABS fabric, the vibration plate can support up to 120 kg.