TYRONS Rotary Adjustable Handle Step Machine Fitness

Price: $573.62
(as of Sep 20,2022 21:27:10 UTC – Details)

This is an elliptical track stepper that will not damage the knees, suitable for different occasions, office, bedroom, living room.
You jog for 20 minutes on a treadmill, which is the equivalent of 1 hour of running, 35 minutes of swimming, 40 minutes of yoga, or 3 kilometers of cycling.
what you get when you have a stepper
1. Let you have a proud figure, enhance temperament, shape image, burn fat,
2. Some bad habits can be changed, and various physical problems such as hunchback caused by bad habits can also be changed;
3. You can increase physical exercise in your spare time to strengthen cardiopulmonary function.
Advantages of stepper machines:
Infinite resistance adjustment, increase exercise intensity, experience the exercise effect when riding uphill, whether you are a beginner or a hardcore, it can meet your speed needs.
The use of the stepper:
You can use it to tighten your arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, fast hands, and easily become a goddess.
The purpose and principle of stepper motor:
Before use, check the stepper and place it on stable ground. The principles of friction and heat are used. After exercising, there may be some heat in the steps.
Product Specifications:
Name: Stepper
Dimensions: 68x34x122cm / 26.8×13.4x48inches
Carrying capacity: 150kg
Resistance method: magnetron resistance system

[Non-slip & Safety] The support surface of the foot, especiy large and nonslip, has a nonslip edge that provides safety when training with an ultraportable stepper.
[Adjustable design] This stepper is also a training device for the elderly and beginners. The degree of resistance can be individuy adjusted according to the state of the user.
[Adjustable rotary handle] Different positioning angles, suitable for different groups of people or sports postures, more flexible adjustment methods, make fitness more effective.
[Elliptical motion track] Elliptical machine gravity pedal effectively reduces knee joint worship and protects knee soft tissue.
[Adjustable Slope Elliptical Machine] Easily change the slope, increase the exercise intensity and increase the exercise effect.