Qin Fitness Vibration Platform, Slimming Machine Home

Price: $1,201.05
(as of Sep 17,2022 18:56:46 UTC – Details)

Product parameters

Rated voltage: 220-240V

Power: 200W

Vibration gear: 1~99 files

Product weight: 12.36kg

Maximum load capacity: 150kg

Number of motors: single motor

Exercise muscles: waist; abdomen; arms; legs; hips; comprehensive practice

8 sports modes:

1. Lifting the leg: Stand on the machine, raise one leg and relax yourself. Exercise calf and thigh muscles

2. Stretching type: Step on the machine with one foot, lift the foot with one hand and stretch forward. Shaping the whole body, stretching the muscles

3. Standing type: Stand on the machine with your feet apart and spread your hands horizontally. Exercise back, hips, whole body muscles

4. Curved leg type: Standing on the machine, the legs are in a half-squat position, and the upper body is straight. Exercise the legs, hip muscles

5. Front squat: Put your feet on the ground and put your hands on the pedals. Exercise shoulders, arms, upper body muscles

6. Rear support: hold the ground with both hands, sit on the floor with your hips, and put your legs on the pedals. Exercise calf muscles

7. Cushion type: The legs are sitting on the machine. Exercise the legs, hips

8. Flat support: support the hands on the machine, the feet support the ground. Exercise chest, arm

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68CM increased model, safe and quiet, strong bearing capacity, anti-shock and anti-fall. Safe to use, safe and comfortable , Wireless remote control, one-button operation, aiming at the infrared receiving window of the machine when using, within 2.5 meters
Foot massage, 8 kinds of exercise, effectively relax the body and exercise muscles in different parts
3 modes, 99 gears, the greater the distance between the feet, the stronger the vibration, the easier to enjoy the experience of walking, jogging, running different ways
Bottom non-slip design, non-slip suction cup and venting hole for safer and more comfortable use
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