Mini Stepper with Resistance Band Home Silent

Price: $62.00
(as of Jul 09,2022 12:20:29 UTC – Details)

Driving force: machinery
Material: high carbon iron
Program: smart dashboard, recording steps, target calories, target time
Advantages: widened massage pedal, stylish design, fingerboard massage, tight waist, tight legs, buttocks, fat reduction, LCD display
Bearing capacity: 135 kg/ 297 lb
Product size: 23 x 40 x 43 cm /9 x 15.7 x 16.9 in
2 x Drawstring mat(random style)
1 x Stepper
1 x English manual
1 x English instrument
Exqu isite waist: Up and down pedal movements will drive the waist to swing left and right, creating an S-curved waistline.
Tightening beautiful legs: mountain climbing climbing movement, driving the leg fat, constantly stretching the blood circulation, easily throw off the elephant radish legs.
Hip fat reduction: During exercise, the hips are also moving, throwing off excess fat from the hips.
The ergonomic design has added a protective shell and extended the rear support frame, so that the product has a strong bearing capacity and a stable center.
Non-slip widening massage pedal, made of high-quality pp material, with bumps and bumps on the surface, can not only be skid-proof, but also effectively massage the soles of the feet to widen the pedals, making the feet comfortable and wide, and the edges are humanized for protection design.
Smart meter: Easily measure calorie consumption, grasp the number of exercises, and avoid muscle tissue pain caused by excessive exercise.