GOREDI Pedal Exerciser Stationary Under Desk Mini

Price: $69.99 - $49.98
(as of Apr 17,2022 09:16:05 UTC – Details)

GOREDI Portable Bike pedal exerciser allows you to perform beneficial exercises while calling, playing games, or watching TV.

➤ Strengthen muscles, stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress and tension.
➤ The resistance can be adjusted by the resistance knob to meet all your needs.
➤ Perfect for exercising in the office and at home, no worry about disturbing others.
➤ The compact mini exercise bike is easy to place on the table/table for arm/leg exercises.
➤ Non-slip rubber pads ensure that the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface.
➤ The multi-functional LCD display shows time, distance, count, total counts and calories burned.
➤ Provide a low-impact exercise suitable for beginners. Ideal for rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

▪ The product is only for gentle low impact exercise.
▪ Please read the User Manual carefully before installing it and prepare an AAA battery(not included).
▪ This mini pedal exerciser can be used under desk above 47″ in height, otherwise, your knees might touch the desk.
▪ Once the operation lasts more than 30 minutes, don’t forget to let the bicycle take a rest which will make it for a longer operation life.

◆ Material: Top quality materials steel and plastic
◆ Package Weight: 12.3 pounds
◆ Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 11.4x 13.7 in
◆ Package Content: 1 x Exercise Bike & 1 x Manual & 1 x Non-slip mat

【HEAVY FLYWHEEL】Unlike ordinary plastic flywheels, this seated pedal exerciser features a heavy metal flywheel to improve stability. An internal 5-pound steel flywheel makes it effortless to use in for a long time, and can bear more than 400 pounds.
【BEST MINI CYCLE PEDAL EXERCISER】GOREDI level up fitness cycle provides gentle low-impact exercises for muscles, effectively helps stimulate and improve blood circulation, which is very beneficial to the movement and recovery of legs and arms. The quiet and smooth pedal movement allows you to use it in the office or home without disturbing others.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY】Equipped with a multifunctional LCD display, it tracks time, distance, count, total counts and calories burned. Large and easy-to-read display can keep track of your workout progress easily, or reset the data by pressing and holding the red button.
【ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE】Easy to adjust the intensity level by rotating the tension knob for a customized exercise. It is specially designed for the elderly and rehabilitation people to perform physical therapy, relieve pain, restore and maintain sports function.
【EASY TO USE AND STORE】Product size: 13.7″ x 15.7″ x 11.6″. Our portable pedal exerciser ensures you to use it synchronously when calling, playing games, watching videos or any free time with hands or feet. Just put it on/under the table, beside the sofa or similar space to exercise your arms and legs.
【SAFE & STABLE】The non-slip rubber pads keep the stationary pedal exerciser in place even at the maximum resistance level without scratching the floor. The non-slip surface of the ergonomic pedals increases friction and safety. Adjustable four-hole foot strap can flexibly adapt to different sizes of feet.