7 Ring Stretch and Resistance Exercise Band for Back,

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That’s what many are calling our 7 Ring Chain Band Style Band!

WORKS TOTAL BODY::The 7 Ring Chain Band Style Bandgives you a tough total-body workout all on its own.

The innovative looping rings can be used as handles or ankle straps for endless exercise combinations.

Seamlessly move between arm and glute workouts to sculpt and tone your entire body without the hassle of switching machines or even going to the gym.
VERSATILE:Variety is crucial for an effective strength training routine. Instead of using dumbbells to create resistance, the 7 Ring Chain Band Style Band

uses your own body to build up your strength without overworking or tearing the muscle. Use it solo or with weights to take your weightlifting routine to the

next level. The stretchable band also works as a great stretch aid for a deeper yoga practice or for a more intense Pilates session.
7 RESISTANCE LEVELS: Whether you’re just starting an exercise routine or hit the gym regularly, the 7 Ring Chain Band Style Band is a perfect piece of equipment for you. It’s ideal for all body types and fitness levels – simply switch between the 7 handles to find the resistance level that works for you. Use the outside loops for low resistance / high rep workouts, and use the inside loops when you want to ramp up the intensity and really feel the burn.
INCREASE FLEXIBILITY: Active recovery after an injury is important. This stretchy resistance band is an optimal physical therapy tool, helping to build

agility and strength without the risk of added weight on your joints and ligaments. Adjust your grip for long full-body stretches and deeper flexibility.

USE AT HOME: Don’t bother with expensive weight equipment or bulky barbells – take your home gym to the next level with this high-quality power band.
💪 FULL BODY EXERCISE BAND: Stretches, tones, and conditions your entire body. Infinite workouts! Targets your arms, hands, shoulders, neck, stomach, legs, feet, and joints. Portable and easy to use. Simply bring it with you anywhere!
💪 7 RESISTANCE HANDLES: There are 7 resistance levels making it ideal for use of any body part for all body types. Simply change grip handles to change resistance levels. Add resistance to your personal training, sports conditioning, MMA or CrossFit workouts.
💪 FULL BODY STRETCHING: Stretching increases flexibility and strength, elongates muscles, improves motion, and aids in injury recovery. Great for warming up for sports or exercises and for improving your sports, exercise and yoga skills.
💪 TOP QUALITY: Gym quality and professional grade. Made out of virtually indestructible rubber, it is designed to withstand rigorous workout conditions.
💪 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:We know you will enjoy the comfort and relief provide by our bands. If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all-Ailicici will be happy to replace or refund your purchase.