3D Vibration Plate Exercise Machine,Vibration

Price: $84.99
(as of Jun 12,2022 19:46:34 UTC – Details)

1、When using this machine, please make sure that the plug can be inserted and pulled out of the socket without any obstacle, so as to ensure that you can quickly cut off the circuit of the fat-removal machine.
2、 Do not open the body of the fat-removing machine without permission
3、Do not fold the power cord or place the power cord on a sharp object.
4、If the device is dropped into the water, do not remove the device by hand, and unplug it
5、When the device is not used for a long time, when cleaning the device, or when the device fails, be sure to unplug the device and cut off the device circuit
6、Use the degreaser only indoors. Do not use the device on rainy or rainy days
7、 Improper use of the product may cause minor injuries, please use it according to the instructions.
Product details
Color: Green
Nominal power: 230-240V ~: 50 Hz
Quota power: 200 W
Protection level: Ⅰ
Suitable ambient temperature: 10-40 degrees Celsius
Vibration function: Alternative surface vibration / Rocker vibration
Vibrating plate area: About 64x34cm
Weight: G.W.: 15.6 kg N.G.: 13.8 kg
Maximum loaded weight: 150KG
Number of fitness programs predefined: 5
Duration of a single fitness program: Up to 15 minutes
Duration of liberal exercise: 1-20 minutes
Vibration frequency: Selectable vibration frequency in the
Range from 5 to 11 Hz in 120 vibration levels
Amplitude of vibration: 10 mm from inside to outside
Product Dimensions: 30.23 x 17 x 8.25 inches
This product is not suitable for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure.

➤Fat Burning Easily- With a maximum load of 330lbs, the speed is variable during 1-120 to maximize exercise intensity with convenience and safety. With the help of LCD display and remote control. You can start burning calories and tighten your skin at any time. Weight loss and body shaping have never been easier!
➤Improve physical function- The vibration plate will help you generate whole body vibrations to stimulate muscle tissue, restore muscle tone, enhance bone density, and promote metabolism. The gentle therapeutic vibration will awaken the muscles throughout the body, improve blood circulation and trigger myofascial release.
➤Unique Design- Vibration speed and time will be clearly dispiayed on the LCD. Remote control or your phone link to it through bluetooth both can control the vibration platform easily. Music can be provided via Bluetooth when exercising to inspire motivation or relax yourself.
➤Various exercise methods- The exercise machine has a high elastic resistance band and a sturdy handle to help you perform more diverse movements, which are both fun and very effective. The product helps you exercise with vibration massage to reduces weight. You can also put your calf on the product to relax the leg muscles to reduce the muscle burden caused by exercise.
Complete home fitness kit-with LCD touch screen and huge 690×390 mm tread, which can display vibration speed, time and play music. Great bluetooth speaker, sports leader, created by fitness training equipment and experts, resistance band for whole body training and sweat-proof remote control.